October  7              Service and training at Zagne
October 10             District Council at Yamoussoukro
October 11             Revival service at Daloa Bible School Church
October 14             Daloa Kennedy 1
October 16             Daloa Bible School Church
October 21             Abidjan Yopougon Sel Mer
October 25-28        Tabernacle construction and Evangelism at San Pedro
October 29-31        Cotonou, Benin
November 4-6        Revival services at Abidjan Cocody
November 9-15       Lome, Togo
November 18          Zenoula
November 25          Daloa Gnamanou
Nov 27-Dec 2          Revival services at Grand Bassam Mossou
December 3-12       Ramona, Oklahoma Team
December 12-21     Teach Colossians at Katadji Bible School
January 4-10           Training and meetings in Kenya
January 13               Duekoue Jerusalem Church
January 14-19         Teach Introduction to Theology in Daloa
January 21-28          SoCal Global Passion Team
February 5-15          Wichita Falls Heritage Team
Feb 21- Mar 2          Salem, Virginia Team
March 4-16               Israel
March 25-31             Dakar, Senegal
April 1-12                  Teach Missions Strategy at Daloa
April 12-21                Danane Kid's Camp